The Purposes of the

Non-profit Organization Association of Natural Feeding Consultants"

(from the Charter)


2.1 The purposes of the Organization are advocacy, promotion and support of breastfeeding; popularization of the Word Health Organization recommendations on breastfeeding, providing information and education to Russian-speaking breastfeeding consultants, expanding of the breastfeeding consultants network in the Russian Federation and other countries.

2.2. To fulfill the above purposes the Organization acts as follows:

    carries out public informational, educational, instructive, consultative, and organizational activities independently as well as a part of foreign, international and Russian programs, trainings, conferences, consultation meetings, workshops, etc.

    provides help to breastfeeding consultants and local breastfeeding support groups through education, information, and training workshops, thus providing support to pregnant and breastfeeding women.

    encourages communication and cooperation between breastfeeding consultants and local child, birth and health care institutions in promotion and support of breastfeeding.

    carries out information and publisher activities, including publication in periodicals, brochures, electronic journals, bulletins, sites and other printed and electronic editions in the Russian Federation and abroad on issues related to the purposes of the Organization in order to create positive image, inform on the activities, promote ideas and popularize the Organization; advertising activities.

    provides educational, informational, intermediary and other services to individuals, enterprises and organizations.

    holds joint programs in cooperation with regional business and governmental structures.

    takes part in activities of other non-governmental organizations including Russian, foreign and international, whose activities correspond to the purposes and tasks of the Organization.

    searches for financing to fulfill the purposes and tasks of the Organization, attracts governmental and non-governmental funds.

    holds charity programs.

    carries out other activities related to purposes of the Organization and not prohibited by the acting law.

3.3                  ANFC accept no funding, donations or sponsorship from the infant feeding and related products industry.

ANFCs main principles:

        Breast milk is a natural food for the infants and young children

        The need for contact and interaction with his mother is just as important for a baby as is need for nutrition. It is easier to understand and satisfy infants need when mother breastfeeds

        Breastfeeding is necessary for both the child and his/her mother. It is essential part of a womans healthy reproductive cycle that includes conception, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

        It is desirable to continue breastfeeding (with timely introduction of adequate complimentary foods) as long as the child needs it.

        Breastfeeding is natural for a mother and her child. However, it does not always come naturally for all mothers-baby dyads. Main causes are lack of information and qualified help, erroneous beliefs and lack of support for breastfeeding mothers in community. Those mothers and babies need help, support and encouragement for estabilishing their breastfeeding relationship.

        With correct information and support provided in time, mother gains confidence in her natural ability to nourish baby at the breast and learns to trust her maternal instincts.

        Mother-to-mother help and support are always given with respect and care. Decisions are made by the mother, not by her helpers.

In their activity the members of the Association back upon the official information on breastfeeding, provided by the WHO and UNICEF. Also the members are familiar with current research made in the field of breastfeeding by different Russian and foreign organizations.


The Association members are more than experienced breastfeeding mothers. All of them have joined the Association because they wanted to help other women by sharing their knowledge and experience. They all have gone the same path. They started as breastfeeding mothers, facing various problems and solving their own mistakes individually, looking for answer in books, periodicals and the internet, communicating with fellow mothers. Sooner or later they realized that they were successful and gained enough experience to share with those who needed it. And indeed this information was wanted. All consultants started with self-education, and the Association helped them to gain additional, objective and up-to-date information on breastfeeding.

Many members are graduates of the WHO/UNICEF breastfeeding consultancy programs. Some took special courses with the Rojana Center for Prenatal Education and Breastfeeding Support and the Rainbow of Motherhood Breastfeeding Support Center in Moscow. Thanks to the Association, those members, who can not join such programs and courses due to various reasons (geographical, etc), have a chance to receive up-to-date information on line, exchange experience and ask for advice when treating difficult issues.

In modern society breastfeeding mothers need information as well as practical support. Thats why many members successfully cooperate with womens and childrens policlinics and hospitals. They held meetings with pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers and organize breastfeeding seminars and workshops.


We have more than 100 members and many Support Groups in Russia, Ukraine, and Byelorussia





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